Friday, December 11, 2009

In the spirit of giving...

Last night, I was reminded of the true meaning of the holidays. The holiday season is one of my very favorites. Kicking off with my birthday in November, the changing of the leaves to red then brown then gold always stirs this sentimental, bittersweet feeling in me. The end of the year inspires reflection, giving, and gratitude: some of the best qualities of people.

When Brock visited UMGCC last week and asked one of our patients what we could do to help her she said she needed,

"A Christmas present for my 5 yr old."

I know this touched Brock deeply and when he retold the story, we all stepped back to think about just how blessed we are.

UCF put out a call to action by word of mouth to see if anyone would be willing to help buy presents for some of our families at the hospital who needed help this holiday.

Last night, one of our supporters took her 3 boys to shop for a family in need. The boys are 6, 4, & 1 and she had them each buy a gift for a boy their age. She reported it was a, "blessed experience to take them shopping and teach them true meaning of Christmas."

Whether you are celebrating Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, or no holiday at all- please consider donating to a family who could use your help to brighten their holiday.

Visit our website for more details.

Sarah Wainio
Volunteer Coordinator

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