Monday, December 7, 2009

Cancer Experience Expressions

Last week I sent out a Twitter and Facebook blast asking our followers and supporters how they expressed their cancer experience. Being a creative person myself,I wondered how the artsy and not so artsy deal with their cancer stories.

I've seen tattoos, books, poetry, songs, blogs, and more. I wanted to hear how YOU express yourself.

I got some feedback, and I'd love for this to be an ongoing opportunity for anyone to contribute their personal expression. Maybe some of the shared work will even inspire someone to create a way to share their store?

Nate e-mailed me that he had a cancer related blog:
There are a variety of topics I talk about, but I address my cancer diagnosis and treatment. I was unable to write about it for a very long time (I had to relearn MANY physical things as I spent almost a month in a coma and lost a great deal of strength and coordination), but I have a summary post covering that time and I occasionally make updates related to my recovery.

Jeff shared a truly touching poem about his friend Carlos who was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Mutiforme at the age of 39 and passed away at the age of 41. Carlos was a marathon runner who participated in marathons all over the world including Moscow, Helsinki, Cuba and most of the major ones here in the states. From the point of his diagnosis all the way to the end he fought his cancer and was determined to race again. Carlos was a Gradate of Penn. St and Notre Dame with a degree in Business Law.

An Ode to a Friend
By: Jeff Houston 12/2/2001

My friend died today
And yet I hide behind my mask pretending that I’m strong
Smiling as if nothing’s wrong
When all the while I’m crying inside.

I never got the chance to say goodbye
To express all that I kept inside
Always keeping up the fa├žade
Of being strong on the outside

I look to the sky and I ask God ‘why?’
Wondering how he could let us hurt so much inside
How he could let someone so young die
When there was so much more life to live.

I miss my friend and the life he lived
I will do all I can to keep his memory alive
And live the life he had wished for me
As I hold the memory of him close to my heart.

Goodbye my friend, you are missed.

Finally, a Twitter follower @cathycookhome recommended @justaride's book Rodeo in Joliet.

If you would like to share your cancer experience, please e-mail

Sarah Wainio, Volunteer Coordinator

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