Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cancer - We are going to FIGHT...and WIN!

As you know the cancer to 5K program has been a blessing for me. Afterdealing with cancer it has been great to have the support of a groupthat does not sit around. I was not a runner when I joined the cancerto 5K program and never thought I could run a 5k.

Thanks to you Holly,Arnetta, the support of the rest of the group and of course how patientCoach Bob has been with me, I was able to finish a couple of 5Ks andeven a 7 mile race. But being able to finish the races is not the onlybenefit. Running has also improved my tennis game. Therefore, for allyour support I am dedicating all my matches at my next tennis tournamentto the Cancer to 5K program. I will be playing singles and doubles atthe Capital Classic XVII, scheduled
for the weekend of Sept 12. Here are the details of the tournament. I hope that you can join me andfeel free to pass along the information to the rest of the group. Iwill be doing my best to win it for the Cancer to 5K. As with cancer,"Let's Fight and Win".
Take care.Denny
For more information on the Cancer to 5K Program, go to

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