Monday, March 16, 2009

Eleven-THE EVENT Experience

My first annual UCF event was a fabulous experience! Last week I attended 11, the Event with my girlfriends, two of whom are also cancer survivors. It was a great night, and I was honored to be chosen as a survivor guest. The themed chairs were incredible to look at- you saw into the heart of a survivor, caregiver, or supporter- and how cancer personally effected them. The chairs were full of color, hope, uniqueness, time, and energy.

There was a special chair for all survivors to sign- and that meant a lot to Nancy, Shannon and me. I always am so encouraged and in awe of how hard UCF works for young adult cancer survivors.

Cancer Survivors: Sylvia (5 years), Shannon (2 years) & Nancy, (1year).

While in the main program in the auditorium it was amazing to look around and see all of the support there was. It's quite an honor and encourages me to give back and help for those who have helped me on my cancer journey.

Listening to a former American Idol contestant Diana Degarmo was awesome- she lit up the stage. Seeing all of the honorees and hearing what they are doing for UCF and the cancer community was amazing- it was an honor to be among them! And Vern Yip had a beautiful tribute to his mother, and the premier of his Deserving Design episode featuring a UCF Scholarship winner (and major butt kicker with cancer!) was quite a treat.

The night was awesome, and I can't wait till 12- the event! :)

Sylvia Donovan
Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor

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