Monday, September 8, 2008

Why I Fight

I am one of the “newbie’s” here at UCF and I wanted to post on our new blog. I just finished a “project” entitled “Why We Fight” with an unbelievable person and new friend. She approached me to help on this project and had an amazing and REAL perspective which I hope I will never have. To quote my friend “Cancer Sucks”! I have been struggling to figure out how to explain why I fight for the last 2 days, so bear with me. We all have different definitions of “fight”. My definition of fight is still a work in progress because the meaning of this term has evolved in front of me in the last few weeks.

I am very lucky to have met some of the most unbelievable, caring and passionate people in the past few weeks in my new endeavor. People who have dedicated their lives to “fighting”. Everyone having different reasons for fighting. Some fight for their mothers, their daughters, their sisters, their daughter’s friends, themselves, and some for their own lives! Each fight is different, but similar in some ways. We all fight to WIN. We each pick a specific battle, weather it is raising awareness for our cause, or connecting patients and families in need, or supporting a patient on the other end of the phone who needs to talk to someone, or writing a grant so we can continue to support, or listening to a friend who is having a “bad” day, or making sure we have 400 people in place to “Screw Cancer” in October. We all have tasks to focus on.

We all pick battles and fight as best we can in hope that we can affect the outcome of this War on Cancer. The desired outcome is clear but the path ahead is not. What can we do to help? Wouldn’t it be great if Cancer was just part of some History lesson soon and didn’t pose a threat to anyone!

So I ask you one favor. After reading this, sit back and close your eyes. Think about those you know that have battled or are currently battling Cancer. I know you all know someone and most likely more people than you would like to admit. This is Why I FIGHT! Feel free to joint in! I know we can work great as a TEAM!

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