Thursday, September 25, 2008

It’s not about the bike…it’s about ‘hammering’ cancer!

Yesterday was an exciting day in the world of sports and cancer – but mostly cancer. Lance Armstrong (arguable one of the greatest athletes ever but definitely one of the greatest cancer advocates ever) talked about his plans for coming out of retirement from professional cycling and the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s launch of the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Initiative .

As both a cyclist and an Executive Director leading an organization in the fight against cancer,
these announcements are both exciting and monumental on many fronts. To take off close to four years from competitive cycling and decide to come back and compete against some of the fittest athletes on the face of our planet – pretty amazing. To do this as a cancer survivor and use it as a platform to raise awareness of a disease that affects and takes the lives of far too many men and women all across the world – pretty darn cool and even more impressive!

Our Founder, Doug Ulman, joined Lance yesterday in New York City at the Clinton Global Health Initiative meeting to discuss these exciting plans and they held a press conference afterward. If you didn’t get a chance to read about either initiative, I encourage you to visit to learn how you can get involved and watch yesterdays press conference led by UCF Founder Doug Ulman.

Our organization couldn’t be more proud and supportive of the work Doug, Lance, LAF and all the other partners involved in this massive undertaking are doing to make cancer a global priority. And although it’s not the top priority, we’ll also keep our fingers crossed that Lance is wearing Yellow in Paris!

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