Monday, January 11, 2010

The blog in which I ask you for your opinion...

The staff had an invigorating, exciting, and sometimes painful retreat this past Thursday and Friday. We were hosted by Jeremy Parks at The Westin Annapolis, a lovely hotel that makes a darn good dirty vodka martini. If you ever go, make sure Amanda is your barmaid!

After a hard day of working, brainstorming and learning a lot about our co-workers the staff headed out to enjoy a well earned dinner. We made our way just a few blocks away from the hotel, in downtown Annapolis to O'brien's Oyster Bar where I tried my first raw oyster.

I'm a fan of muscles and I'm a huge fan of pearls, so why wouldn't I enjoy an oyster?! I put all my fears aside when I saw my oyster shooter came with an abundance of red, horse-radishy cocktail sauce... however, I didn't heed the advice of my co-workers and as the little raw shellfish started to slide down my throat I took one simple bite. Raw oysters are not for chewing...

However, my second oyster was thrown back without a single chew. I enjoyed that one much better!

Once we had finished a delicious dinner and re-caps of the days work, including funny stories and further questions about what motivates each one of us to do what we do at the UCF, Lindsay and I discovered something on our Blackberry's. It seems only women were posting a color as their status and we didn't know why. Then, I got a FB message:
Type in the color of your bra in your status.. just the color and nothing else! Forward this mail to women only... NO MEN!!!It will be fun to see how fast it spreads... and all the men will be clueless as to why all the women has a color in their status. Haha!!! Hopefully it will promote breast cancer awareness. Have fun :)
Now, Lindsay and I thought, "hey, why not" without thinking much more about it. And away we went:

However, upon coming into the office today, our Twitter feed had a whole array of complaints about this experiment. Some of our Tweeps were angry and implied that this experiment or "Facebook wardrobe malfunction" didn't really create awareness at all. I have since cleared my status. As a woman who hasn't had breast cancer, but respects and appreciates the beauty, femininity and sanctity of breasts very much, I wonder if this viral experiment is contagious in a beneficial way, or if it is just sick.

Maybe all this buzz IS creating awareness in an indirect way. Or, maybe if it isn't direct, it isn't worth it to some? I'm still trying to figure out my opinion, but I welcome yours!

Sarah Wainio
Volunteer Coordinator


  1. Hi friends!

    I certainly agree that there are better ways to bring awareness to facebook than posting bra colors. But in the end it still brought the topic up, and for better or worse breast cancer awareness has recieved a lot of media attention over this "experiment". So really, I guess it DID work afterall?

  2. In my opinion, posting the color of your bra doesn't show support or awareness for breast cancer the way say, learning how to do a proper self-exam would. It was vague and superficial at best. Next are men going to post whether they wear boxers or briefs to show support for testicular cancer? -CJ

  3. Additionally, Brock wanted me to share this link. It elucidates that Komen did NOT start the status-updates, but also that Komen is not upset with the result of them. Along with a few more interesting facts and comments.


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