Thursday, January 22, 2009

Imerman Angels and Collaboration

I just had an amazing time in Baltimore/Washington DC visiting the Ulman Cancer Fund team – and TEAM FIGHT !!!

I was flattered to spend last Wednesday in the Ulman office !! Tall ceilings, bold blue walls – great space. Much better was the passion and energy that fills that space !! What a fun crew over there !!! And most importantly passionate about reaching more young adults with cancer, and finding ways to MAKE THEIR LIVES BETTER !!!!! Great stuff.

I took my shoes off right away in their office (as I NEVER wear shoes in my office - who does, really?) and shocked them a little bit, but hey, that’s how cancer peeps roll !!! Casual and comfortable – what other way is there? HA!

That night, I was honored to speak to TEAM FIGHT, a group of survivors, caregivers, and supporters who engage in athletics to support UCF !!! I met two identical twins (one is a cancer survivor) who are also my age (33, yeah...I know I’m old), whose combined weight must be south of my weight, and both run marathons in the “2’s” !!!!! That means under 3-hour marathons !!!! Blown away by these two girls !!!!

After my speech, many of the cancer survivors there approached me to join the Imerman Angels network. Ulman continues to help us build our survivor base, so we can make better matches for those in the fight !!!

For those who haven’t yet heard of Imerman Angels, here’s what we do everyday:

Imerman Angels is a “one-on-one cancer support service” that partners a
person fighting cancer with someone who’s beaten the same type
of cancer. One-on-one relationships give a fighter the chance
to ask personal questions and get support from someone who is
uniquely familiar - a survivor. The free service helps anyone touched by any type of cancer, at any
cancer stage level, at any age, living anywhere in the world.
5-Year Mission: Beginning January 1, 2013, every cancer fighter in the U.S. will have free access to a cancer survivor within 24 hours of being diagnosed. – please refer anyone in the fight or any survivors and we’ll get him/her hooked-up for support ! Thanks !!

(I was diagnosed with testicular cancer when I was 26, and simply couldn’t find a young survivor !! So, we’re building Imerman Angels so that EVERY cancer fighter can find a survivor !!!)

The following day, Thursday, Elizabeth and Brock guided me through the U. of Maryland Hospital / Greenebaum Cancer Center. We met with social workers, nurses, technicians – and the best part: young cancer fighters in treatment who needed a PUMP-UP !!!! I CANNOT thank the UCF crew enough for helping me spread the Imerman Angels mission to the hospitals with their local connections, and then the chance to help some of the youngsters in the fight !!! There is nothing I enjoy more than connecting with the young ones and getting them PUMPED UP to overcome !!!!!

What a trip. Amazing time. It was too fast. And Brock’s guest bedroom was so comfortable, sorry you all, I may be coming back sooner than you’d like !! May have to force me out of town !!!!

UCF I like a @#$% of a lot better than UFC !!!! KEEP UP ALL YOUR GREAT WORKS CREW !!!!!!

Wishing a strong day to all the cancer fighters, survivors, caregivers, and supporters out there !! All of my best wishes in good health !!!

Jonny Imerman

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