Monday, November 3, 2008

Cold and Windy Days

"It is easy to begin something new...the hard part is to see it through"

This past Tuesday CANCER to 5K group workout (October 28th) was not for the faint of heart. It was the first Tuesday night workout on a new track with lights. (Washington & Lee High School in Arlington, VA) It was ALSO the first really bitter cold day of the Fall.

Nothing says ENDURANCE and STRENGTH quite like showing up for a workout when the sun is down, the wind is blowing and the temperatures drop. There we were, myself and assistant coach Arnetta, huddled against the far wall of the track, staying out of the wind until the workout officially began - taking bets on if we would be running alone. One by One, through the bitter wind, a few runners came out.

While our group stayed small (5 runners in all), we were surrounded, by the end of the workout, by no less than 20 other runners from different groups who had met to workout at the track. All of us out in the bitter wind and darkness, running in circles, keeping our commitment to health and fitness.

The moment was the perfect reminder, that no matter what your goal is - running a 5K, completing chemotherapy, recovering from surgery, training for a triathlon, raising money for Team Fight or any of the many worth while charities - there will inevitably come a moment when it would be easier to "take a day off" rather than face the "cold wind and darkness" and push through on the path to your goal.

That is when it helps to gather your TEAM (family, friends, doctors, teammates) around you - and brave the challenge together.

24 days to race day! Live STRONG!

-Holly Gannoe, Assistant Coach

"Young Adult Cancer Survivors Giving New Meaning to the work ENDURANCE...One Mile at a Time!"

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